About Bradfordia

Bradfordia, is just me, Tom.

The idea of Bradfordia is to aim to bring together some like minded people together, to help celebrate what's good about the city centre and to 'work on' the things that are not so good.  The thought process behind it is looked at, to some extent, in my first blog post.  Bradfordia should be about promoting and publicising what's good about the city centre; but also trying to think of practical solutions for problems that face the city centre, rather than brushing them under the carpet or always expecting that to be something for 'someone else' to do.

I envisage this being a blog / website operating across various social media platforms and potentially developing into something more, but I am not too sure.  I will not know until I try, so I have tried!

So lets promote and improve Bradford City Centre!

PS: This page has nothing to do with Ammonoidea

Tyrrel Street, Bradford