Saturday, 25 February 2012

The Future

A lot of said about Bradford and its regeneration.  Last night, the City Council approved a £35m funding package for the city centre as part of their budget.  This certainly is welcome news, and whilst their are many question marks over the Westfield development, the business rate relief scheme will hopefully help many new start ups and attract different companies to the city centre.

Many critics of the city centre say that the city centre is dead.  Not just as in 'being quiet at night' (that is very true), but its life has ended.  The city centre has finished and there really is no point in doing anything else to do it because the city centre has gone beyond the point of revival.  This then leads me to two scenarios, one is more dystopian and one is more utopian... What if the city died? or what if its renaissance was a success thanks to private and public sector investment?

Both of these scenarios are extreme and will never happen, but they provide two contrasting outcomes for what might happen depending on the belief of and investment in cities like Bradford.

The Future: The Death of Bradford
The Future: The Renaissance of Bradford

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